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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is held at the very center of our corporate strategy at Woolport International, thus engaging in sustainable practices is actively encouraged at every possible level.  Sustainability for us starts at the very beginning, from acquiring raw materials from sustainable and organic sources to respecting and using the resources made available to us by nature, efficiently, and in a manner with minimum environmental impact as possible. Our business is modeled to create value for our customers, at the same time maintaining a commitment of sustainability to our future generations.

Operational Efficiency

At Woolport International we work tirelessly to continually improve our manufacturing processes throughout the production of all of our woolen fıbers. We take energy and water management and conservation as our highest priority areas, which are constantly being analyzed and improved. We take special care of the water that we use during fiber production and ensuring that all governmental and legal water regulations are strictly observed. We continually monitor and treat wastewater as per governmental laws and regulations, ensuring our commitment to maintaining the least environmental impact of our production processes.

Product Sustainability

Woolport International prides itself on only sourcing the highest quality raw material which is used in our wool fiber production. Our wool fıber production processes are designed with our worker and environment safety as a top priority, with special restriction of any usage of harmful chemicals or substances; ensuring that we meet our legal and ethical standards, both in Turkey and Europe. We are committed to a zero-waste policy that may have a very low impact on our planet, thus we purposefully engage in programs that reuse and repurpose the surplus fibers generated during the production processes.

Workforce Commitments

Each individual at Woolport International is a contributing factor to the creation of high-quality luxury woollen fıbers. We maintain a culture of openness and creativity, thus employee feedback is strongly encouraged. We have a long term commitment to our workforce and have kept open constructive communication avenues for our employees. We are proud to have a very committed and innovative workforce, who helps to produce high-quality wool fibres, which others cannot. We take pride in our continuous training programmes for our workforce, which serves critical for our workforce in adopting the latest technological advancement for better production, output and product. We offer a robust system of employment relations, labour management and health and safety guidelines, as per Turkish labour and safety laws. Furthermore, we priorities the wellbeing of our workforce, hence our employees regularly have medical health checkups, vaccinations, sick paid leave benefits and much more.

Community Commitments

With our history of sustainable growth, the business model at Woolport International supports the idea of reinvesting in our community. Through Woolport International numerous local families and communities benefit from employment and our community contributions. Our ultimate goal is to maintain a solid and profitable business profile that enables us to reinvest into sustainable growth with newer technologies, machinery, and a wider community commitment policy.

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